After Service

We offer a comprehensive range of
after sales services to keep your wedding
ring shining in good shape forever.

Membership & After Service
Professional cleaning

Free of charge

Size alteration, size exchange service

Engagement Ring・Wedding Ring:
・Free size alteration for current ring is provided. (applicable upon assessment on the condition of the ring by I-PRIMO)
・First time size exchange is free of charge. A service charge of HK$1,000 will be levied from second time.

* if the new size required is out of standard ring size scales, a special size handling charge will be applied. (Please check with our consultant for the exact cost. )

Anniversary/Fashion Jewelry:
Size alteration for eternity rings and special designs by quotation.

Repair service

Engagement Ring・Wedding Ring:
・A one-year free repair period is provided. A service charge of HK$500 will be levied after the one-year free repair period expired.
・Free repairment is provided if the side diamonds fell out from the ring within one-year of purchase. Afterwards, a separate quotation for the charges will be given.・
・ We may not be able to provide free service to some of the ring styles due to its special finishing and polishing procedures.

* This is not applicable to the main diamond of engagement ring and pink side diamonds.

Anniversary / Fashion Jewelry:
・A one-year free repair peroid is provided for manufacturing defects. Afterwards, a quotation for the charges will be given after assessment.
・General wear and tear, misuse, and tarnishing are not covered under the warranty.

We provide jewelry cleaning and ring
size alteration services. For details, please
check with our in-store consultants.


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