Fourteen side stones embrace the centre diamond. Their sparkles illuminate the royal star at the highest.
Fomalhaut is the brightest star in the constellation of Piscis Austrinus. It is one of the four important stars in ancient mythology.
The radiance of the centre diamond is surrounded by the sparkles of the side stone matching perfectly to the brightness of a conqueror.
  • MaterialK18PG
  • Carat0.2ct~

Set RingEnjoy your own mix-and-match, here are some recommendation to wear with Fomalhaut

The diamond ring band match perfectly to the centre diamond representing the everlasting love.
The radiance of Fomalhaut and the sharp imaged Epona brings out an exceptional brightness and sensation.


After Service

Size alteration, size exchange service
・A three-year free size alteration period is provided. A service charge of HK$500 will be levied after the free alteration period expired. (size exchange HK$1,000)
Repair service
・A one-year free repair peroid is provided. A service charge of HK$500 will be levied after the one-year free repair period expired.
・Free repairment is provided if the side diamonds fell out from the ring within one-year of purchase*. Afterwards, a separate quotation for the charges will be given.
・We may not be able to provide free service to some of the ring styles due to its special finishing and polishing procedures.
* This is not applicable to the main diamond of engagement ring and pink side diamonds.

※The after service mentioned above is only applicable to items purchased within Hong Kong.
※Items purchased outside of Hong Kong will not be entitled for the free of charge warranty period.
※If you required service from another region, please visit I-PRIMO official website of such region for more information.

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