Eternity Ring

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Eternity Ring

An eternity ring comprises a band ring set
with continuous line of identical diamonds
to symbolize the never-ending love.
Eternity ring can be used as engagement
ring and/or wedding ring.

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Eternity Ring


eternity ring  product image - EPONA LD

An eternity ring with tightly set sparkling diamonds represents the bright future of the couple.

Using tiny prongs to ensure excellent brilliance of each diamond, the dazzling ring “EPONA” is a symbol of luxury and yet is comfortable to wear. The ring was named after the goddess of fertility and prosperity.

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Eternity Ring


eternity ring product image - FREY

The milgrain along the edge of the ring represents “eternity”. This classic design is suitable for bringing a symbol of commitment.

The ring was named after the god of prosperity, with crops and love. The slightly round shape band with milgrain edges made by 3-dimension cutting technique represents wonderful and rewarding love.

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Eternity Ring


eternity ring product image - MANI・FULL

A wonderful blessing to unbroken bond between the two of you. A full eternity ring with two hearts crafted from the inside of the ring allowing extra lights pass through the diamonds.

“MANI” is the name of a beautiful goddess who controls the moon phases. The sparkles of the eternity ring beautify the hand with pure brightness just like the moon brightens up the dark sky. The two heart shapes crafted from the inside of the ring is one of the major characteristics of the “HAPY” collection.

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I-PRIMO only uses excellent brilliance diamonds.

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We impose stringent standards on the main diamonds,
as well as the side diamonds with less than 1mm in diameter.
We insist on using only hearts & arrows diamonds,
even a small side stone shall be able to
shine fully on every jewelry piece.

What is an eternity ring?

An eternity ring comprises a band ring set with continuous line of identical diamonds to symbolize the never-ending love. The presence of diamonds all the way round the ring is called “full eternity ring” and alternatively, with the diamonds across the face is “half eternity ring”.

I-PRIMO’s eternity rings

Diamond quality is the priority in our eternity rings. A good eternity ring shall comprise diamonds with the same size and shine. Our merchandisers are dedicated to choose high quality diamonds for our eternity rings. Our eternity ring collections has become best sellers as it can be used for engagement, wedding, special anniversary or just as daily accessory. Eternity ring is a symbol of everlasting love.
I-PRIMO guarantees its best quality.



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