Here are some beautiful legends and traditions about marriage.

An introduction to beautiful legends and anecdotes that are closely related to the happiness of the bride. One might find inspirations in these stories when arranging the wedding decorations and hospitality. Hopefully they will spice up your ideas.

Traditional customs for brides (episode 3)

All about fortunate and good luck
Do you know the stories and origins behind some procedures of a wedding ceremony, such as: exchange of marriage rings or wedding toast? You may find them interesting if you know more. Here are some of them:

The wish of forever love
Traditionally, a couple exchanges rings at the wedding ceremony meaning the exchange of valuables at the moment of wedding and their determination of spending the rest of the lives together. The ancient Greeks believe a vein of left ring finger ran directly to the heart. Therefore, to put the wedding ring on this finger symbolizing to put each other at the most important position. A round shape ring represents love with no ends.

Good luck signs for the brides
In Greek and Roman traditions, a household cat sneezes near the bride on her wedding day will bring happiness to her marriage. People believe that sneezing is a good sign and a cat is the representative from the Goddess of Venus. A cat sneeze is also a blessing from the Goddess. Besides, if the bride sees a black cat, a dove, a sheep or a spider is also good sign to her marriage.

A blessing to a prosperous family
“Dragees” are sugar-coated almonds symbolizes happy marriage because it implies fruitful rewards growing from a small seed. It is also a blessing of having numerous offspring to the couple. Dragees are often given to the guests as wedding favors in western cultures. It has the meaning of sharing good health, prosperity and fortune with the couple.


There are still many traditions and customs about weddings that you may not know about. We hope all these interesting information may be useful for your wedding.
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