A light and delicate ring collection
inspired with warm blessings from the nature.


Express eternal love with the language of flower.
Engagement rings adorned with the names of lovely flowers,
and wedding rings named after beautiful dancing fairies,
bring warm blessings to the bright future ahead.



Surrounded by the blessings of flowers and fairies

This wedding ring collection line up with simple and delicate designs that is easy to wear. With the theme of beautiful nature, these rings represent blessings from blooming flowers and fairies.


  • Diamonds that make your dreams come true

    Diamonds that make your dreams come true

    A suitable size diamond that fits for everyday and any occasions. These rings deliver with a balance of high quality and affordable prices.

    ※This is not a custom-made engagement ring design. The grade and size of the centre diamond are fixed and cannot be changed.

  • Designs that adorn the finger beautifully

    Designs that adorn the finger beautifully

    A fine and delicate design that elevates the beauty of the fingers. You will enjoy how it effortlessly fits on your finger every time you slip it on with a light, airy, and comfortable feeling.


Set rings that coordinate beautifully fulfilling your wishes.



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