Rings that exhibit the essence of craftsmanship.
Immersed in the glow of antique style.


This series utilizes many techniques, conveying the wish “to bless the future and hope for happiness.” The rings are carefully engraved with the years of couple’s memories as they embark on a brand new journey forward, hand in hand.

Feel the warmth of artisanal handicraft.

Feel the warmth of artisanal handicraft.

Containing warmth that can only be found in handmade craft with enchanting antique style, this series incorporates traditional techniques with modern craftsmanship to create a unique style of texture.




The beautiful quality of double matte finish.

The sophisticated hairline matte finish is applied with satin polish to create a double matte finish, which brings about a beautiful silk-like texture, delivering a soft luster and smooth touch on the rings.


The fine texture demonstrates an exquisite craftsmanship.

The hammered finish patterns are delicately constructed by craftsmen, casting intriguing and meaningful shades and light. Each stroke of detailed texture is made by hand to portray the changes of nature.


Depicting the vibrant years spent together and the cherished memories.
Antique style rings that show unique personality.



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