Tsim Sha Tsui The ONE Store

A sparkling experience

A comfortable silence settles in as the two of us walk in, punctuated only by the warm welcome from the sales here in I-PRIMO. Diamond shopping is never easy - especially when it is your first time doing so. As any sales would do, we were instantly presented with several options in rings, diamonds, and other accessories; what was different was how Janet patiently walked us through the history of I-PRIMO, designs of the rings available, as well as how to appreciate diamonds in their full glory and exquisite beauty. I have no doubt we were not the quickest shoppers - it did take us two times to finalise the pair we wanted - but was never once shown a hint of impatience towards both our inability to make a decision or our lack of understanding towards the craft of diamonds. It was a combination of a lesson and a shopping experience as we close down on our final choice, and it could not be any more enjoyable. Marriage is as important as it gets even in today’s day and age - and while there are a million options out there, I am glad this is the one we chose, as I was glad she was the one I chose. Much love