A ring that represents eternal love

Turn the moment of happiness into an eternal form of a ring,
let love shine on the fingertips.

Surprise Marriage Proposals
At a romantic restaurant

The diamond on the left ring finger illuminates the future of the two.
This will become a proof of an important memory that will not vanish over time.

「My Definition of Love」

Love is to feel the warmth of each other.
Happiness is to grow old together.
What is your definition of love?

「Our Blessing to Newly Weds」

I-PRIMO 20th Anniversary Special Interview (President)
Engagement Ring – the first gift to start off a new beginning when two become one
Wedding Ring – to witness the vow when you put it on each other’s hands
I-PRIMO is here to witness and present the most sincere gift that represents the new beginning of the two.

「Our Blessing to Newly Weds」

I-PRIMO 20th Anniversary Special Interview (Technician)

The prefect wedding ring with utmost detailed craftsmanship.

「After 5 Years」

After 5 years, the relationship is different from what she had expected, and she started to doubt about their future. Will they be able to work out their relationship with a new page?

Happiness Continues

Overwhelmed with happiness
and excitement after engagement,
moving forward to a new page with a new identity.

Brand Concept

I-PRIMO assist every customer to choose their
wedding ring with one-on-one professional wedding ring
and diamond consultation service.

Quality Wedding Merchant Scheme

10th Anniversary

I-PRIMO arrived to Hong Kong in 2012,
joined and introduced by QWMS to newlywed
to be with our promises towards design, quality and service.

Happy voice from Bride-to-be

I-PRIMO Wedding Ring

Bride-to-be Edith shared her shopping experience at I-PRIMO.

Ordinary Happiness

A love story in the city - Hong Kong

She sensed something strange is going on with her boyfriend and started to doubt about their relationship.
After she wiped off her tears, something unexpected is waiting for her...

Sweet Proposal

Every girl has a dreamed about marriage proposal.
I-PRIMO can provide assistance for
a surprised proposal for your special one.

Surprise Marriage Proposals

In Sea Paradise

A collaboration of I-PRIMO and Yokohama Hakkeijima Sea Paradise
to bring a surprised proposal.

Surprise Marriage Proposals

In a magic show.

In a magic show in Yokohama,
a man proposed to a woman with his
deep love and a perfect diamond ring.

Surprise Marriage Proposals

In an aquarium dolphin show.

In an aquarium, dolphins brought in a
diamond ring to open a new chapter for a couple,
a happy family of three.


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