Choose your ring from astrology

An introduction to ring designs by themes including seasons, astrology and more. If you are currently trying to decide on your design, you may refer to the stories behind our rings, which will help you pick the ring of your fortune.

March: ALGETY – a memorable spring with your ring

Time flies. March has arrived after all bustling New Year celebrations. At the flourishing season, we would like to showcase a classic style engagement ring “ALGETY”. The stunning centre diamond embraces by two pink diamonds and the milgrain edges giving a sense of luxury. The details of the ring have added romantic elements to the marriage proposal in this beautiful spring time.



“ALGETY” is binary stars shinning with pink and yellow light. The colour of the stars will change according their interactions, just like how a couple works together for their bright future. This is an elegant and sophisticated engagement ring. The two pink diamonds on the ring has added a sense of luxury in a romantic proposal in spring.

Pure and faultless love … the power of pink diamond

Pink diamond possesses special power of “enhancing the strength of love”, it helps to cast away negative thoughts, cultivate peaceful mind and the feeling of love. Designer of this engagement ring wishes the pink diamonds will bring positive energy to the loving couples.

ALGETY bridal set
  • Detailed milgrain design adorns
    beauty of the diamond, giving a
    graceful and classic style.


    ALGETY & HELIOSThe elegant milgrain design matches the diamonds on the ring band of the marriage ring adding a luxurious touch as a whole.

The two pink diamonds set off great charm of the engagement ring “ALGETY”. When matches with rose gold wedding ring, it looks lovely and gentle. When goes with v-shape wedding ring, it looks elegant and luxurious. It is a ring which is suitable for mix and match. You can definitely find a way that goes well with your personality.