Choose your ring from astrology

An introduction to ring designs by themes including seasons, astrology and more. If you are currently trying to decide on your design, you may refer to the stories behind our rings, which will help you pick the ring of your fortune.

June: “SHAULA” ~ A beautiful promise to June Bride ~

June is the most popular month for weddings in the western society. The month of June was named after the goddess Juno, the goddess of marriage, and therefore, it was widely believed that getting married in June would lead to good marriage life and the bride will get the blessings from the goddess Juno. This is called “June Bride”. Here, we recommend the engagement ring “SHAULA”, a feminine bow design to all June Brides. The feminine bow is formed by a brilliant round diamond and two taper cut side stones, lovely but sophisticated.


“SHAULA” is the star system making up by three stars with three different rays in the Scorpio constellation. The straight line taper cut side stones represent the wings of the butterfly making the design very simple and chic.


“SHAULA” – a bow that contains your love message

To tie a bow represents the linkage between human beings. On the other hand, it also enhances the love in a marriage life. An accessory with a bow can deepen relationships and this is probably the most wanted thing a woman would like to receive from her lover.

The charming bridal sets of the engagement ring “SHAULA”
  • A lovely combination shines
    beautifully in every occasion.


    SHAULA&HELIOSThe golden edge of the wedding rings HELIOS represents the Sun in a relationship, it is beautiful and romantic. When the wedding set matches with the bow designed engagement ring “SHAULA”, the bridal set becomes classic but cute.
    (Top: wedding ring M / Middle: engagement ring / Bottom: wedding ring L)

A lovely style engagement ring matches with classic style wedding ring. The milgrain edge on a simple ring band looks trendy. Enjoy the fun of mix and match!