Choose your ring from astrology

An introduction to ring designs by themes including seasons, astrology and more. If you are currently trying to decide on your design, you may refer to the stories behind our rings, which will help you pick the ring of your fortune.

August: PROCYON ~ twinkling like the brightest star in the sky ~

In August, when summer events and festivals are taken place. The time when you can enjoy different events with your loved one. Many people choose to propose marriages at this particular season. The engagement ring “PROCYON” is the pick-up design of the month. The name of this ring is borrowed from one of the brightest stars in the Winter Triangle. The soft wavy ring featuring carefully engraved, detailed milgrain by the jeweler, gives exceptional charm to the design. The elegant style is suitable as a gift in this special occasion.


It is a retro but chic design with milgrain around the ring. Never looks bulky on fingers.


“PROCYON” carries the meaning of “before” or “leading”.

“PROCYON” is the brightest star in the constellation of Canis Minor. The name “PROCYON” means “before the dog” in Greek. This is because the star “PROCYON” will rise above the horizon earlier than the star “SIRIUS” in the constellation of Canis Major. According to the Ancient Egyptian, people observed the star “SIRIUS” to get information for seasonal change. Since “PROCYON” rises before “SIRIUS”, it has become an important star as well.

The charming bridal set for the engagement ring “PROCYON”
  • The bridal set is highlighted by the milgrain patterns,visualizing the ever-lasting love of the couple.


    procyon and amphitriteA retro but stylish engagement ring “PROCYON” looks sophisticated and dedicated when pairing it with milgrain style wedding rings.
    (Top) Wedding ring M (Middle) Engagement ring (Bottom) Wedding ring L

  • The gentle and wavy band ring embraces the couple’s future. The milgrain patterns on the ring brighten up the love of each other.


    amphitriteIn ancient Greek mythology, the goddess of sea Amphitrite received a dolphin, a symbol of luck, as the betrothal gift. Just like the beautiful bodyline of a dolphin, the fine milgrain pattern around the band ring is a typical elegant style showcasing the eternal love.

The milgrain line at the centre of the ring on “PROCYON” is beautifully highlighted by the moderate design of “AMPHITRITE” wedding rings. The engagement ring and the wedding bands are mutually supplementing each other by magnifying their characteristics, making it a perfect combination.