Choose your ring from astrology

An introduction to ring designs by themes including seasons, astrology and more. If you are currently trying to decide on your design, you may refer to the stories behind our rings, which will help you pick the ring of your fortune.

The message of astrology

Similar to birthstones or floriography that explains personality traits or special messages by gemstones and flowers, astrology claims to explain aspects of personality based on the positions of the stars at the time of birth. There are 366 stars for a year and each star has its own expression. If you have no idea for choosing a ring, check reference with astrology can be a good way.


SPICA with strong personality

SPICA with strong personality

Just like a planet orbits around a star, the center diamond and the side stone are supplementing each other perfectly. It symbolizes an everlasting relationship of two persons like a binary star moving around in the same orbit. The asymmetrical design looks simple but full of character. SPICA is the brightest star in the constellation Virgo.


SPICA has perfect aesthetic perception and accurate intuition.

If you fell in love with engagement ring “SPICA” at the first sight, trust your feeling. The asymmetrical design looks simple but full of character. It matches with all types of wedding band and reveals the sense of beauty.



The brightest star in the constellation Virgo: SPICA

The brightest star in the constellation Virgo: SPICA

This ring was named “SPICA”, the α star (the brightness of a star is rated in Greek letters α, β and γ, etc.) in the constellation Virgo. It is also one of the 21 α stars in the universe.

To locate SPICA in the night sky in Spring, you can follow the arc of the handle of the Big Dipper to Arcturus, and then continue with the same angular distance. The angular distance is also called Spring Triangle.

“SPICA” is located at the ear of grains from the goddess of Virgo and SPICA means the ear of grains in Latin.


◆A story about Virgo◆

Persephone, the goddess of Virgo, was the daughter of the goddess of harvest Demeter, a wife of Hades, the king of the underworld. Persephone had to spend 8 months in heaven and 4 months in the underworld every year. The 4 months, when the goddess of Virgo was absent from the sky, was also the season the earth became infertile.


◆Virgo horoscope (birthday: 23 August to 22 September)◆

Virgo, was born in late summer, is clean and tidy, observant, calm and strong. They have a highly analytical mind and are an absolute perfectionist. They pay attention to details and can do well in academic environment that requires wisdom. Due to their cautious character, Virgo does not have much experience about love and relationship. However, once they are in love, they are tolerant to their partners. They are devoted, loyal and willing to work for good and long term relationship.